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Maji is the complete financial wellbeing and money management platform, improving financial outcomes through education and behavior change. Maji’s powerful diagnostics identify users’ financial challenges, goals and opportunities, matching them with personalized education, coaching and advice. Its tools empower users to actively reduce money worries and build a better financial future.

What They needed

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A dedicated engineering team to develop custom, highly scalable software

Enhanced server architecture capable of handling high loads at peak time

Advanced CI / CD pipeline to enable smooth deployment to the production server

End to end system encryption to safeguard data at rest and in transit

Highly intuitive UI / UX for the employees and employers portals

AIndustry best practice workflows across the whole system development life cycle including project planning, resource management, execution and delivery.

What We Do

The Skills We Used


Angular | ES6 | SASS |


Python | Django | MVC |
Web API | PostgreSQL | Google Cloud


React Native | React.js | Redux


Selenium WebDriver | Cucumber framework | Cypress | RestAssured

Our Solution

Our team delivered innovative business services with high impact technical solution that lead to accelerate digital transformation with differentiated customer experiences.

Highly scalable Google Cloud architecture setup.

End to end product technical consultancy

High level of security standards across the system, fully GDPR compliant

Full technical support and guaranteed bug fixing within 24 hours of discovery

Use of 100% agile methodology to ensure a superior quality product

High level of security standards across the system, fully GDPR compliant


We provide different type Services

  • Fintech
  • Ecommerce
  • Oil and Gas
  • Logistics

.. and much more. Whatever your industry, whatever you need, we’ll build it for you.

Health tech is an area full of exciting innovation that has the potential to change the world. We love working in this sector and bringing our skills to bear on technology that can really help people.

Solutions for Health tech

The fintech world contains some of the most strenuous challenges in tech. Robustness, security and reliability are all of utmost importance. It’s always an exhilarating experience working in this sector.

Solutions for Health tech

Building beautiful, seamless digital user experiences for ecommerce businesses is something we love doing at Codezilla. The modern user expects perfection from online shopping and that’s what we deliver..

Solutions for Health tech

The oil and gas sector offers us a chance to work on some truly groundbreaking technologies and software solutions with high reliability and security requirements.

Solutions for Health tech

The global logistics industry is hugely complex and interconnected, and so is its technology. Working with logistics companies is always invigorating and exciting for our team.

Solutions for Health tech

The Results

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5 years of active engagement

5x team growth since product launch.

Delivered a highly scalable and robust product

Provided a secure backend cloud architecture

Provided a high fidelity design and wireframes

Complete front end suite with cross browser compatibility

Highly responsive and near-to-native performing PWA

Secured funding from VCs.

Highly responsive and near-to-native performing PWA


What our clients say

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