• Research and Development
    Research and Development

    At Codezilla, we love dreamers and our goal is to bring your tech ideas to life. We are
    experts not only in developing beautiful apps and mind blowing websites but we also
    love getting under the hood to supercharge your launch and monetisation strategy.
    If you have an idea and have been looking for that dream team that pushes you to new
    heights, scroll down to see how we help you take flight.
  • Long Term Relationship
    Our Values

    Whilst we wander through the jungle of life, here are the values that serve as our North Star:
    Honest conversations are the base of all long-term relationships - "We would rather say No and earn nothing than say Yes and not deliver"
  • work
    Our Values

    We do not want people to work for us neither do we want to work for people – “We prefer working with people”
    We believe in the power of Karma - "What you sow,
    so shall you reap"

  • idea
    Our Values

    Everyone has a hidden light in them - "We would like a world where everyone reaches their potential"
    Ideas can come from anywhere - "Keep an open mind and consider yourself a student for life"

  • Business Rules
    Our Values
    Money has a role but not in the driving seat – “We never read a history book that said this man was great because he concentrated on earning money”
    A business can provide for you but cannot love you back – “Family and hugs matter”

Codezilla | Lets create!


Before you jump into the development arena with all guns blazing, let our research boffins crawl all over your strategy to make sure it will stack up against the jaws of an Angelzilla. We will help you create a financial model, carry out a sweep of the competitive landscape and write up that business plan you have been procrastinating over.


Web Development


This is where the fun begins. Until now, you have imagined your idea in your head and used the power of words (and possibly hands) to transfer it into other people's heads. Well the time has come to pour the fruits of that labour in our development blender and create something beautiful. Once you taste your creation, you will want more of something and less of something else! That's alright:) our development blender is slick enough for you tinker with your recipe without plastering the entire dev-kitchen with fruit code.


Intimidating, electrifying, stressful, exhilarating.. no matter what people have you told it feels like, it's difficult to describe the emotions you will be going through as we move towards T-O. Whether it's the 21st century or the 1st, to kick start your business you will always need to shout really really really loudly (yes that really was intentional).This is even more important in the digital bazaars of today as there is no high street where people can see your shop sign! We will introduce you to the latest growth hacking techniques that will shout about you whilst you relax your lungs...after all, you need to start running soon.

StartUp Launching

Technical Support


Today's hyper changing tech scene means you need to constantly evolve your baby to keep it fighting fit. Not only that, just to keep it alive, you will need to get your security, backup, PCI etc ducks in line! Our super support team will keep a hawk eye on your tech infrastructure and be on hand to make those tweaks or major upgrades. This means that you can spend your valuable time working "ON" your business rather than "in" it.

Areas where we Rock!


Angular - ReactJS - Javascript


Node.js - RoR - PHP - MySQL - MongoDB - Wordpress - Python


iOS - Android - Hybrid (Ionic, React Native)


AWS - Azure - Docker - Heroku - Firebase

Frontier Technologies

Image Analysis - Machine learning - IOT - Blockchain (Ethereum, Corda and Hyper Ledger)

Happy Clients

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