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UI & UX design is what will ensure your users can easily navigate your website or app and find what they need. It’s a hugely important part of the process that relies on a strong understanding of how users behave as well as technical skill.

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We can offer all aspects of UI & UX design – from research through to testing


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UI & UX Design Expertise


User Research/Discovery

Understanding your user is vital to developing good UI/UX. Our team will seek to gain an in-depth insight into what your users want and how they behave, and this insight will inform the design stage of the process.


UI Design

We take the insights from our research phase to create wireframes, clickable design mockups and detailed user flows which deliver your key features to your users in the most effective way that matches your design philosophy and brand.


Testing & evaluation

We test the design ideas against reality by putting prototypes in front of users to see how they interact with them. After a period of evaluating the effectiveness of the design we then implement the changes on your website or app.

Our tech stack

Start a project with us, or grow your team with us? The choice is yours.

Project based engagement

We can come in and work on a project basis with you. We’ll provide a full analysis and estimate of costs, timeframes and skills required, and then work to those deadlines and budgets reliably. Whether it’s a web, mobile, cloud or UI/UX project you won’t find a more trustworthy partner anywhere else.

Dedicated development teams

We can spin up highly skilled dedicated teams to expand your capacity over the short, medium or long term. Whether you need dedicated external help on a big new feature development, or permanent outsourced development resource, we can provide the right people with the right experience.

Web Development Case Studies

Web Development Projects


One of UK’s foremost fintech start ups revolutionising how employers look after the financial wellbeing of their employees.


The UK’s number one comparison site for home electric car charging. It helps a user find the one that’s just right for them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is UX design?

User Experience is an umbrella term representing the whole process of developing
products and services that provide intuitive and delightful experience to their

What is the timeline for a UX design project?

There are various factors that impact the delivery time of the project. All the factors
influencing the cost such as scope, complexity, budget, platforms, client feedback, etc.
affect the delivery but usually a small or medium size project can go between 2-6 months.
However, bigger projects could go anywhere between 6 months to 1 year depending upon
the scope and deliverables.

What are the inputs and data the client needs to provide?

Our firm strongly believes in having a detailed brainstorming session with clients in order
to gather all the requirements to kick start the project. The details that we usually require
from the client before starting the project are

  1. Business goals
  2. Targeted Audience
  3. Product goals
  4. Expected outcomes and KPI of the project
  5. Business Reports
  6. Technical specifications if any

Do you provide support to the application after the product launch?

Definitely ,we shall extend our support according to the client’s requirements. After
‘User Acceptance Testing (UAT), we provide support for the next 3 months. If the client
has opted for an Annual Support Contract (ASC) with us, we are entitled to provide our
services at any time during the period of contract.

How does good User Experience can help businesses?

For businesses that deliver their services and products via app or website, UX design is a
critical component that not only attracts users but also increases conversion generating
value for the business. Designs enhance the customer retention rate, revenues, etc.

How much does a typical UX design project cost?

Multiple factors impact the cost of a UX design project as it depends on the client
requirements and project deliverables. Factors such as scope and scale of project, nature
of project, technology involved, platform and service provider. We usually charge ——-
per hour based on the complexity and size of the project. Our typical UX projects start at
$1000 and could go well above $20,000 depending on the scope.

What are the tools you use for UX design?

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  1. Our representative contacts you within 24 hours
  2. We collect all the necessary requirements from you
  3. We suggest a few design concepts to choose from
  4. The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
  5. We keep confidentiality with all of our clients by signing NDA

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