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Rightcharge provides a charge point and EV-friendly energy tariff comparison service for drivers to find the right charge point and energy tariff for their home or business charging needs.

The tool lets users review different EV-friendly energy tariffs, home EV chargers, and installation prices from a network of over 50 vetted companies, helping them save an average of £360 per year.

Rightcharge needed support adding new features to their website. That’s where we came in.

What They needed

What they needed

Provide robust support for the incorporation of novel features into the pre-existing website structure.

Oversee and execute comprehensive server-side programming to guarantee a cohesive and uninterrupted user experience.

Assure the seamless deployment of all components, managing the entire process from start to finish onto the client’s live production servers.

Successfully established a novel portal designed to streamline the onboarding process for electric vehicle (EV) installers, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.

Devised and implemented intricate algorithms aimed at efficiently pairing customer requests for EV installations with the optimal installer, taking into account factors such as availability and geographical proximity.


The Skills We Used


Vue.js | ES6 | SASS | Webpack


Python | Django | MVC |
Web API | PostgreSQL


Heroku | AWS | AWS DynamoDB

Our Solution

Our team delivered innovative business services with high impact technical solution that lead to accelerate digital transformation with differentiated customer experiences.

Dedicated team of front end and back end developers as well as a business analyst deployed to the project to take over an existing piece of work

Optimisation of current code base and deployment process

Implemented JIRA software practice to ensure better quality standards

Implemented a fully customisable map to let installers select a custom area and set the pricing for each region on the map

The Results

The Result

Increase in web traffic 10x 

100+ installers onboarded 

Several third party websites implemented the charge point comparison tool

Secured funding from VCs


What our clients say

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